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ICEP Uruguay


Our partner in Uruguay is the Montevideo YMCA. Upon arrival in Montevideo, the group will travel outside the city to YMCA Camp Artigas on the coast, where they will spend 1-2 weeks bonding as a group, taking part in a winter camp with Uruguayan teens, and doing service work in local schools. The group will visit rural schools in the area to play games with kids and help renovate the schools and grounds. The group will also have a brief 2 night homestay in the rural town of Nueva Helvecia. After camp, the group will travel back to Montevideo, the capital city. They will spend about 10 nights in homestays, meeting up during the day in beautiful seaside Montevideo to explore the city. While in Montevideo, the group will visit multiple urban schools to teach basic English lessons and practice their counseling skills by teaching favorite camp games. ICEP Uruguay stands out from other programs in the amount of Spanish that is used throughout the program, as well as the time spent with Uruguayan teens. Participants will leave the program with strong connections to their Uruguayan host families.

Program Highlights

  • Go to camp with Uruguayan teens
  • Tour the old quarters of capital city Montevideo
  • Get involved with the Uruguayan sports culture and play soccer with local teens at the YMCA
  • Practice your Spanish with your 2 Uruguayan homestay families
  • Plan camp activities for young Uruguayan children


The group will be housed in dorm-style housing and homestays. Please note, the exact number of nights in each location is subject to change.

35 nights total:

  • 4 nights CCC/CB
  • 2 nights on a plane
  • 4 nights Montevideo YMCA
  • 12 nights Camp Artigas
  • 2 nights first homestay
  • 11 nights second homestay

Special Considerations

  • It will be winter in Uruguay during June – August. Because of the proximity to the coast, the weather can be very cold and damp. It is common for the itinerary to change unexpectedly because of the weather e.g. cancel painting projects because of rain.
  • Uruguayans eat a lot of red meat and the concept of being a vegetarian is not always understood. This may be difficult for strict vegetarians.
  • Uruguayans tend to stay up very late at night and then wake up early to start the day. Make sure to get the rest you need.
  • Spanish is the national language of Uruguay and compared to other South American countries, not many people speak English. This program is well suited towards participants interested in practicing/learning Spanish.

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