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ICEP Sweden


Our partner in Sweden is the Brevik YMCA Camp. Participants will fly into Stockholm where they will spend their time sightseeing and visiting a local YMCA to run day camp activities for children. Participants will go into homestays in and around the Stockholm and Norrköping area for 3-4 days before traveling to Camp Brevik. The group will spend three full weeks at the Camp Brevik international leadership camp, where they will be mixed into cabins with Swedish and American campers. Daily activities will focus on cross-cultural communication, leadership development, and of course, fun camp activities. The group will also experience an 8 day canoe trip on the Swedish Archipelago, where participants will sleep outside each night and cook meals over camp stoves. After the final week of camp, BCCYMCA participants will stay on to complete an additional week of service at Camp Brevik. Participants will help facilitate camp activities for Adventure Camp – a program for children with dyslexia learning to speak English. The group will also complete service projects through the Y in the nearby town of Norrköping.

Program Highlights

  • Attend a full session of camp fully integrated with Swedish teenagers
  • Experience white nights on an 8 day hajk (canoe trip) in the Swedish Archipelago
  • Stay in a Swedish homestay for 3-4 days
  • Run camp activities for children at Camp Brevik and in nearby Norrköpping


While in Stockholm, the group will stay in a hostel for a couple nights and then go into homestays. At Camp Brevik, the group will be housed in camper cabins with bunk beds, much like BCCYMCA. Please note, the exact number of nights in each location is subject to change.

38 nights total:

  • 4 nights CCC/CB
  • 1 night on plane
  • 3 nights hostel in Stockholm
  • 4 nights Swedish homestay
  • 18 nights Camp Brevik
  • 7 nights Hajk (canoe trip)
  • 1 night Stockholm hostel

Special Considerations

  • ICEP Sweden includes an 8 day canoe trip where participants will camp out each night on islands and be expected to learn how to cook outside and set up camp.

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