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Our partner in Peru is the YMCA in the capital city of Lima. The group will be based out of this YMCA where they will stay in dorm-style housing. While in Lima, the group will visit historical sites around Lima, make multiple trips to a local Y-sponsored orphanage for children with disabilities, and take part in cultural activities at the Y including box-drum lessons, cooking classes, and dance classes. The group will spend 3 days in a poorer suburb of Lima doing construction work, 3 days at a coastal camp in Azpitia helping prepare for the summer season, and about one week in homestays with families in Lima. Towards the end of the program the group will fly to Cusco to explore the Sacred Valley, visit Machu Picchu, and visit with children at an afterschool program.

Program Highlights

  • Visit with children from the YMCA-sponsored Arcos Iris Orphanage
  • Help build roads, rock walls, and medical facilities in a poor suburb of Lima
  • Travel 11,000+ ft in elevation to the small city of Cusco and take an excursion to Machu Picchu
  • Interact with Peruvian teens through cultural activities such as cooking and language classes


ICEP Peru is based in dorm style housing at the YMCA facility in Lima. The group will also stay in private homes for their homestay, a hotel while in Cusco, and in smaller YMCA facilities in Independencia and Azpitia. Please note, the exact number of nights in each location is subject to change.

35 nights total:

  • 3 nights CCC/CB
  • 2 nights on plane
  • 15 nights Lima YMCA
  • 2 nights Independencia community center
  • 7 nights Cusco hotel
  • 6 nights homestays

Special Considerations

  • June, July and August are winter months in Peru. Temperatures are in the 60s, dropping to the 50s at night.
  • This program includes service in a very impoverished area of Peru and has multiple visits to an orphanage for children with sometimes severe mental and physical disabilities.
  • Cusco is at an elevation of 11,000ft. The group will take time to acclimate during the first couple of days.

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