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ICEP China


Our partner in China is the National Committee of YMCAs of China in Shanghai. Our host partner uses her knowledge of the YMCAs around the country to select three main cities for our group to visit. Recent ICEP China groups have traveled to cities such as Xi'an, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Beijing. The service in each city varies from YMCA to YMCA and is all heavily based around social service. Examples of service include teaching young children English, running and participating in teambuilding activities with local teens, and volunteering at community centers and homes for the elderly. Participants will have a homestay experience and will get to visit some of the most iconic sights in the country such as the Terracotta Warriors, the Great Wall of China, or the Three-Gorges Dam. ICEP China participants will have a lot of interaction with Chinese people through service work, homestays, and activities with YMCA teen groups. Come prepared to share your culture and learn about a new one.

Program Highlights

  • Make friends and exchange cultures with groups of Chinese teens.
  • Explore three highly varied Chinese cities and enjoy the authentic, family-style cuisine each location has to offer.
  • Practice your counselor skills and teach young children English words and phrases through camp games.


The group will stay in hotels and hostels throughout their time in China. Participants will also stay in a homestay for roughly 2 to 5 nights. Please note, the cities visited and the exact number of nights in each location is subject to change.

35 nights total for Summer 2018:

  • 4 nights at CCC/CB
  • 1 night on plane
  • 10 nights Xi'an
  • 10 nights Nanjing
  • 10 nights Guangzhou

Special Considerations

  • This program focuses on social service where there is a lot of interaction with people including teens, elderly, and young children. There is very limited physical service.
  • Air quality in China can be poor, particularly in large urban areas. If you have issues with asthma or respiratory problems, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor.
  • A VISA is needed to travel to China. This requires that you have a passport as of March 1st , have access to your birth certificate, and complete a detailed application. The cost of your VISA is included in your tuition, and BCCYMCA will apply for the visa on your behalf.

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