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Our partner in Chile is the YMCA in Valparaiso. Participants will fly into Santiago and then be shuttled by bus out to Valparaiso where the majority of the program takes place. Participants will have homestays and work on community service projects in the poorer hillsides of Valparaiso at daycare facilities and/or local schools and YMCAs. Service projects in the past have included a lot of time helping with painting projects and volunteering with the Y’s Teen Leaders. Educational travel will take place in Santiago, Vina del Mar, and Valparaiso. June, July and August are winter months in Chile and weather tends to be cold, averaging around 50-60 degrees during the day and dropping into the 40s at night. While there is no snow in the metro areas the group visits, participants should be prepared to come to Chile with plenty of warm layers.

Program Highlights

  • Build strong relationships with the YMCA Teen Leaders through activities, homestays, and service projects
  • Play with kids at the George Williams School
  • Participate in cultural experiences such as empanada-making or salsa dancing
  • Take a 2 day trip to the snowy Andes to hang out with teenagers at a YMCA camp


Accommodations on ICEP Chile will range from homestays to dorm style housing in community centers, hostels, and a camp with bunk housing. Please note, the exact number of nights in each location is subject to change.

35 nights total:

  • 3 nights at CCC/CB
  • 2 nights on plane
  • 17 nights YMCA housing
  • 9 nights in Chilean homestays, in and around Valparaiso
  • 2 nights Santiago hostel
  • 2 nights YMCA Camp, Andes trip

    Special Considerations

    • It will be winter in Chile at the time of the program and most buildings do not have central heating so bring layers.
    • This program has multiple service projects working with young children in poor neighborhoods and schools.
    • Most Chileans only speak Spanish. You don’t need to know Spanish for this program, but it is helpful to have an interest in the language and learn a few phrases.
    • The group does a lot of walking up and down steep hillsides in Valparaiso.

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