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In preparation for your program, please be sure to complete all of the following tasks and paperwork in a timely manner. To see what paperwork we still need from you, visit your online account. The section labeled 'Incomplete Tasks/Forms' will indicate any items we have not received in the office.

Printable Checklist


Tuition Payment- Parent
The first half of your tuition is due February 1st. You can mail us a check or log onto your account to make your payment. If you have set up a payment plan, you can continue paying monthly.

Email Update- Parent/Participant
Most communication between TSP and families is done via email. Check your online account to be sure your email settings are correct.


Upload Photo to Online Account- Participant
The photo should be a portrait so we can clearly see your face. This photo will be used to make you an ID card.

Parent Questionnaire- Parent
Completed online by a parent or guardian. This form will be shared with our trip leaders.

Participant Questionnaire- Participant
Completed online by the participant. This form will be shared with your trip leaders.

BCCYMCA Camp Health Form - Parent
Completed online by the parent/guardian.

Waivers - Parent
YAS has several waivers for parents and participants to sign. Visit the Document Center in your account to access.

Submit Insurance Card Copy
Upload a copy of your health insurance card on your online account.

Read Parent Guide- Parent
Read through the Parent Guide for more details on your child's program.

Read Camper Guide- Participant
Read through the Camper Guide for more details on your program.

TSP Webinars
We will host webinars on all our programs in March. These are informational events intended for both parents and participants. Attending the live webinar is optional but highly recommended. A recording will be made for families who cannot attend the presentation. We will send out details via email closer to the event.


Tuition Payment- Parent
The second half of tuition is due April 1. You will receive a bill from camp.


Program Itinerary and Flight Itinerary- TSP Office
TSP will email you the updated version of your program and flight itinerary.

Visit Doctor, Complete Health Card- Parent/Participant
Visit your primary care doctor for an up-to-date physical and upload copies of your physical paperwork and immunization records to your online account. All participants must have had a physical within one year of their arrival at camp. If your physical is scheduled for after the May 1st deadline, please call our office.

In June

Packing List- Parent/Participant
Parents and participants should review the packing list to start prepping for your program.

Spending Money- optional
Participants do not need additional funds for their program but many participants bring $200 for souvenirs and extra snacks. We recommend bringing $50 in crisp, new bills and the rest on a Visa or Mastercard debit card. Speak to your bank about obtaining a debit card for your child.

Leader Phone Call- Your Trip Leaders
In late June your trip leaders will give you a call to say hello and see if you have any questions about your trip. If you miss their call and can't connect with them, don't worry. You will meet them when you arrive at camp!

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