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Vietnam Trip Links


Local News and Current Events

Nhan Dan
This is the daily newspaper of the ruling communist party. It features articles on local and national news, especially political stories as well as sports, culture and business.

Viet Nam News
One of Vietnam's major English-language daily news sources, this publication focuses on politics, the economy, society and culture.

Art and Culture

Water Puppetry
Learn more about the history and meaning behind this beautiful art form that can be seen all over Vietnam.

Viettouch is an illustrated portal into Vietnamese culture, history, art and architecture. This website is a great place to explore and view examples of buildings, money, traditional musical instruments, furniture and even dress.

This link brings you to a page focusing on ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. Check the sidebar on the website for more information on other cultural topics such as food, clothing and music.

Centre for Intercultural Learning
Sponsored by the Canadian government, this website looks at Vietnamese culture from the standpoint of a Vietnamese woman who has moved to Canada and a native Canadian who has lived in Vietnam. Many of the questions they cover relate to working in Vietnam, but all the responses offer interesting insight into the culture.

Travel Guides and General Info

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is a great place to start reading about a destination and contains helpful information for travelers. You can search information about Vietnam or search more specifically on Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
The official site of travel and tourism in Vietnam. This is an interactive website with specific regional information.

Wikitravel: Vietnam
Information on Vietnam designed specifically for travelers by Wikipedia. It offers a quick glance at a diverse range of topics including history, cultural norms and traditional foods.

Topic Specific Links

U.S. Department of State
This official website of the U.S. Department of State contains a lot of facts and stats about the country of Vietnam.

Socialist Republic of Vietnam
At the government's official website you can learn more about current government programs and changes in Vietnam's political and legal systems.

Texas Tech University- The Vietnam Center and Archive
The Vietnam Center and Archive at Texas Tech has an extensive collection of archived material about Vietnam and the Vietnam War. You can view pictures of American and Vietnamese leaders, uniforms, maps and other materials. You can also listen to first-hand accounts of the Tet Offensive which is part of their oral history project.

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