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Uruguay Trip Links


Local News and Current Events

A daily news source based out of Montevideo, Uruguay. It focuses on top news stories in Latin America and is written in English.

El Observador
A Uruguayan newspaper printed in Spanish. It covers a wide variety of topics and is a great place to work on more advanced Spanish skills.

El Pais
One of the leading media sources formed in Montevideo. It looks mainly at social, political and economic news in Uruguay and is written in Spanish.

Art and Culture

This is a venue for showcasing and selling Uruguayan art. It displays the works of over 100 contemporary artists.

Uruguayan Photo Club
A Spanish-language website designed to promote Uruguayan photographers.

Arte Mercosur
Contains a collection of works by artists from Mercosur members and has links to art museums in Uruguay. Text is in Spanish.

Travel Guides and General Info

Wikitravel: Uruguay
Information on Uruguay designed specifically for travelers by Wikipedia. It offers a quick glance at a diverse range of topics including history, cultural norms, and traditional foods. Click on the link for Montevideo to get more information on the capital city.

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is a great place to start reading about a destination and contains helpful information for travelers.

Uruguay Now
General information for travelers and links to more detailed information on Montevideo.

Topic Specific Links

Explore Uruguay
This offers great descriptions of food you may encounter in Uruguay, along with links to recipes and other travel information.

YMCAs of Uruguay
The national website for YMCAs in Uruguay. Click on the link for Camp Artigas to learn more about this YMCA camp. Text is in Spanish.

Embassy of Uruguay in the United States
The Embassy's website offers important Uruguayan news stories, information on Uruguay's foreign policies and other general information. It can be accessed in English and Spanish.

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