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Sweden Trip Links


Local News and Current Events

The Local
An English-language online news source covering current affairs in Sweden.

The Swedish Wire
This independent news site covers information on Swedish politics, the economy, and society.

Art and Culture

Swedish Culture and Traditions
A Pinterest-style page that covers everything from basic language lessons to recipes to information on Swedish holidays.

Astrid Lindgren
Learn about the creator of Pippi Longstocking and the impact she had on Swedish society.

Nordic Museum in Stockholm
A look at Nordiska Museet, a museum housing displays on Swedish culture ranging from the 16th century to the present day.

Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
An interesting website that gives general facts about Sweden and specific suggestions on what to do if you are invited to a family's home, how to give gifts, etc.

Travel Guides and General Info

Visit Stockholm
This is an official traveler's guide to Stockholm. The site provides information on the many attractions in the capital city.

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is a great place to start reading about a destination and contains helpful information for travelers.

Wikitravel: Sweden
Information on Sweden designed specifically for travelers by Wikipedia. It offers a comprehensive look at a diverse range of topics such as cultural norms and foods.

Topic Specific Links

YMCA Camp Brevik
This is the official webpage for Camp Brevik, the YMCA camp where the group will spend the majority of their time in Sweden. Learn about the various programs the camp offers and see photos by visiting their Instagram account.

Swedish Embassy in the US
Visit the Swedish Embassy's webpage to learn more about their country and major news events.

Swedish Royal Family
Photographs of the Swedish Royal Family and interesting biographies for each member.

Alfred Nobel
This website gives information on the life and work of Alfred Nobel, the fascinating and multi-talented man who left the funds to establish the Nobel Prize.

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