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Local News and Current Events

El Comercio
This daily Peruvian newspaper out of Lima features articles on local and national news as well as culture and events. Written in Spanish, this is a great source for advanced Spanish speakers.

ANDINA- Peru News Agency
Daily news website featuring articles on Peruvian politics, culture, history and society. This is written in English and Spanish.

Peru this Week
Informational website offering daily news from an outsider's perspective living in Peru. Text is in English.

Art and Culture

Museo de Arte de Lima
Beautiful official website of the Museum of Art of Lima. Written in Spanish.

Ice Mummies
A PBS documentary about archaeologist Johan Reinhard who led an expedition in search of the sacrificial mummies of the Incas with daily accounts and images from the expedition.

Rise of the Inca
An interview conducted by NOVA with professor Terence D'Altroy on the rapid growth of the vast Inca empire. Use the links on the side of the webpage to find more interviews on Inca history.

My Peru
A site dedicated to the culture of the Quechua communities around Cusco.

Travel Guides and General Info

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is a great place to start reading about your destination and contains helpful information for travelers. You can search for information about Peru or more specifically for information on Lima and Cusco.

Andean Travel Web
A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Peru and directing several community service projects. This site contains over 500 pages of useful travel information for visitors to Peru.

Wikitravel: Peru
Information on Peru designed specifically for travelers by Wikipedia. It offers a quick glance at a diverse range of topics including history, cultural norms and traditional foods.

Topic Specific Links

U.S. Department of State
This official website of the U.S. Department of State contains facts and stats about the country of Peru.

Embassy of Peru in the US
Read about the country and its relationship with the US government.

Centre for Intercultural Learning
Sponsored by the Canadian government, this website looks at Peruvian culture from the standpoint of a native Peruvian who has moved to Canada and a native Canadian who has lived in Peru. Many of the questions they cover relate to working in Peru, but all the responses offer interesting insight into the culture.

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