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New Zealand Trip Links


Local News and Current Events

The Times Newspapers Online
Written for Auckland suburbs, this is a community based newspaper featuring stories on local events, major projects and news.

The New Zealand Herald
The New Zealand Herald is a quality daily online newspaper.

The Wairarapa Times-Age
This is a locally based New Zealand online newspaper.

Art and Culture

Dictionary of New Zealand Biographies
An interesting site where you can look at portraits of historical figures and read their biographies.

Ministry of Culture and Heritage
The Ministry of Culture and Heritage works with the New Zealand government to protect and promote New Zealand history and heritage. This site also contains many helpful links.

Centre for Intercultural Learning
Sponsored by the Canadian government, this website looks at New Zealand culture from the standpoint of a New Zealander who has moved to Canada and a Canadian who has lived in New Zealand. Many of the questions they cover relate to working in New Zealand, but all the responses offer interesting insight into the culture.

Travel Guides and General Info

Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand
This is a must-go-to site that illustrates New Zealand's people, culture and history through words and photos. It is very informative and touches on all aspects of life in New Zealand.

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is a great place to start reading about your destination and contains helpful information for travelers.

New Zealand's Ministry of Tourism
Hosted by the government, you can find information on various locations and events.

Wikitravel: New Zealand
Information on New Zealand designed specifically for travelers by Wikipedia. It offers a quick glance at a diverse range of topics including history, cultural norms and traditional foods.

Topic Specific Links

Shakespear Lodge through the Auckland YMCA
Our Partner is based out of the Auckland YMCA. You can research information about the Shakespear Lodge, where the group will stay and learn a little more about the New Zealand YMCA.

Anzac Day
Read about this important event in New Zealand history and how it is still remembered today.

Official Website of the New Zealand Government
Check out this site to get up to speed on New Zealand's politics and foreign affairs.

This site provides a quick overview of Maori culture in New Zealand.

New Zealand's History Online
Learn about major events in New Zealand's military, government and cultural history through this wonderful website.

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