Meet our 2017 Staff!


Kyle - Counselor

I love being in the Berkshires as often as I can. I am looking forward to so many things this summer, but it would be particularly wonderful to explore the forests around Day Camp and catch some wild animal sightings during our hikes. Seeing animals is a learning experience like no other!


Joanna - Counselor

This summer I am looking forward to challenging myself to be the best version of me. I can’t wait for all those moments filled with sun, fun and laughter. I hope this will be the summer like no other!


Kevin - Counselor

I’m looking forward to hiking and playing games in the woods!


Kelly - Counselor

This summer I’m looking forward to having a great experience and making a positive impact on each camper. I also want to provide kids with fun, love, care, and new activities!


Tayla - Counselor
New Zealand

I’m looking forward to teaching my campers new things about my culture as well as learning new activities.


Miles - Counselor

This summer I want to help kids have as much fun as I did when I was a camper at Becket Day Camp, while also maintaining a safe environment for everyone!


Hye Ju - Counselor
South Korea

I am looking forward to communicating with internationals and spending special and precious summer time with them.


Ola - Counselor

This summer I am looking forward to spending time outdoors and having a lot of fun with Day Campers!


Kailey - Counselor


This summer I am excited to help others learn and grow, as well as explore the world around me.


Patrycja - Counselor

This summer I am looking forward to hike and sunny days at the waterfront


Eric - Counselor

I am looking forward to getting to know all of our wonderful campers and spending time on the waterfront.


Jayden - LIT Director
New Zealand

I’m looking forward to the all camp activity every Friday this summer as well as meeting new people.


Corey - Counselor

I’m looking forward working with day campers to achieve their goals for their further development.


Neshamah - Counselor

I’m looking forward to being outside and exploring in nature with the campers! I also can’t wait to eat s’mores, build gnome homes, and getting muddy!


Sarah - Counselor
New Zealand

I’ve come all the way from little-kiwi-land to have a great time for my first American summer! I’m looking forward to getting to know all my campers, playing sports and waterfront activities. I’m also very keen for extended day/ family night cookouts with s’mores!


Ola - Counselor

This summer I’m looking forward to learning something new every day!


Carina - Discovery Director & Parent Liaison
New Zealand

I’m looking forward to spending almost every day in the sun and at the waterfront!


Lino (aka: Lego) - Counselor
New Zealand

I fight bears in my spare time and save baby calves from hungry wolves. I’m from New Zealand where the grass is greener and smiles are bigger! I can’t wait to share and teach the culture of New Zealand with the Day Campers.


Brie - Assistant Camp Director

I am excited about the crazy fun theme-weeks, watching the kids learn about theme selves, each other, and forming new friendships!


Em - Camp Director

Em Hitzfelder is a born and raised Texan who moved to Becket last August to join the Berkshire Outdoor Center team. She graduated from John Brown University in Arkansas in 2012 with a degree in Field Biology. Her passion for science and working with kids fuels her love for experiential education. Being able to guide campers through teachable, awe-inspiring moments in nature brings her great delight. Since graduating college, she has loved teaching students at five different outdoor education programs across America spreading from Rhode Island to Washington State. This past February and April, Em had a blast directing the winter and spring Becket Day Camp sessions and looks forward to more adventures this summer. Em’s favorite part about working with youth at camp is seeing them grow as individual’s and also as a positive part of our camp community. When not at work, Em enjoys hiking and camping with friends, reading a book with a cup of coffee, and traveling to new parts of the world. She is excited to spend this summer with you in the Berkshires!

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