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Summer Programs

Becket Day Camp

Becket Day Camp - REAL camp. Summer outdoors, swimming, playing, hiking, canoeing, catching frogs, singing dancing, performing, slip-and-sliding your days away. 3-13 year old campers. 14-16 year old LITs. Staff from all over the world. Bus pickup from Lee, Dalton, Pittsfield, Hinsdale. C'mon, don't miss out! More

Camp Becket for Boys

Camp Becket for BoysCamping gives boys a foundation for life. At Becket, you are part of a caring community that reinforces the values taught at home. You try lots of new things, have loads of fun and make lasting friends. More

Chimney Corners for Girls

For over three quarters of a century, Chimney Corners Camp has been a place where girls have spent their summers learning, laughing and building life-long friendships. More

Travel & Service Programs

Our Travel and Service Programs partner with domestic and international YMCA's to help connect participants to communities and people worldwide. More

Urban Summer Day Camps

Innovative four-week enrichment experiences for schools and school districts, with students ranging in age from 8-14. Tailored community-based day camp programs, developed through partnerships with school districts and community governments, with a mission to create responsible youth leaders. More

Berkshire Happy Camp 快乐大本营

A cultural immersion program, bringing together Chinese and American youth at camp. Encouraging Peace Through Understanding, Berkshire Happy Camp is delivers our mission to children from abroad, as well as right here in the Berkshires. More



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