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Communication During Camp

Parents who have concerns or questions about their camper may call the camp director or the unit director. If they are not available, a message may be left and every effort will be made to return the calls within 24 hours.

Since the camp staff members are out on the property working with campers rather than sitting in an office, there is almost always a delay in receiving phone messages and returning calls. If you need to speak to someone immediately, contact the camp director or assistant director or ask the person answering the phone to contact the director by radio.

Please do not leave messages for counselors since they have difficulty getting to the phone, which may delay the response. The directors will speak with the counselor to get specific information and can set up a phone call from a counselor to a parent where necessary.

Campers are not permitted to make or receive telephone calls. Letter writing is strongly encouraged and campers may receive non-food packages. Parents of first-time campers will receive a call from their child’s counselor during the first two weeks of camp. This call is to answer any questions and to update parents on the progress of their first-time camper. Counselors do not routinely call returning camper parents.

Main Phone line: (413) 623-8991

This line is answered by a receptionist Monday – Friday - 8 AM – 4 PM

After 4:00 PM and on weekends you will hear a recording when you call the main camp line. When you hear a recording you may enter an extension at any time to reach either of the camp offices directly. Camp Becket ext. 118 or Chimney Corners ext. 115 The camp offices are staffed 7 days a week from 9 AM – 6 PM and some evenings until 8 PM. During meals the camp offices are closed but messages are checked following each meal. After hours, a number will be listed on the voice mail of each office with instructions in the event of an emergency.

The camp fax number is (413) 623-5890. Please be sure to include a coversheet and a follow up phone call to ensure receipt.

Please include the camper name and the cabin name as well as the unit or village above the camp name. Please do not send any edibles to campers.

Camper’s Name
Unit/Cabin Unit/Cabin
Chimney Corners Camp
748 Hamilton Road
Becket, MA 01223

To contact the camp administration, please use the emails listed below for the two camp offices. Please do not send emails to your campers through these email addresses, they will not be delivered. Only camp business matters should be communicated through these email addresses. Your message must clearly state in the message line to whom the email is directed and what it is regarding. Emails that do not have a clear intent will be deleted without being opened.

Chimney Corners Camp Office:


Due to the high volume of emails we receive and in order to increase security both for our campers and our computer system, the camps use an email service. Families may only send email to campers through this system.

To email your camper:

  • Log into your online account.
  • Click on “Additional Options” from the grey bar at the top.
  • Select email a camper. – This system will only allow you to send emails while the camp is in session.
  • You can invite other family members and friends to email your camper by sending them a friend code on the e-mail a camper page. This will allow them to create an account and email your camper without having access to your online account.

Other Important Notes About Email

  • Please limit email messages to only a couple per week. A mix of email and “snail mail” works best.
  • Critical, confidential, or time-sensitive information should be communicated to the camp staff by telephone to ensure the message is delivered
  • Be conscious of what is communicated via email. If there’s something to relay to the camper that may be upsetting, please contact the camp staff by phone rather than emailing directly to the camper.
  • Campers are encouraged to write letters home during their stay. Please note that mail can be delayed by holidays and the timing of mail pick-ups. Be patient and call camp if you want to check in with a staff member.

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