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Preparing for Gibson Weekend

Whether you’ve camped a ton or never before you will be in good company. While some staff members are available to help people with physical disabilities, please keep in mind that most of you will need to carry your belongings into camp from your pack accordingly! Here’s a list of suggested items:


❏ Tent*
❏ Ground cloth/tarp*
❏ Air mattress/Sleeping pad (optional but nice to have)
❏ Flashlight/lantern
❏ Beach/camp chair
❏ Toiletries in a tote
❏ Towel
❏ Insect repellent
❏ Water Bottle
❏ Ear plugs -Tent areas can be noisy. Ear plugs can really help at night!
Snacks - This is an optional items but many visitors do bring snacks so there may be an expectation from your camper. The after effects of over indulgence can sometimes detract from the weekend so be aware of the change to your camper's diet. Food should not be stored in tents. Either store food in your car or ask staff for a good location at camp.


❏ Sleeping bag/bedding
❏ Pillow (optional but nice to have)

Clothing - See Camper Packing list for more ideas

❏ Casual clothing
❏ Shower shoes
❏ Rain gear
❏ Swim suit
❏ Nice outfit for Chapel
❏ Sweatshirt
❏ Socks - Socks AND shoes are mandatory at camp.
❏ Sturdy shoes- The terrain can be rough. Comfortable, low heeled shoes recommended. Socks are required. Sandals should be sport-type secured across the heel and worn with socks.

Helpful Tips for Camping

If you haven’t done much camping, that’s OK! Here are some thoughts to help you prepare for your weekend at camp.

  • Bring a ground cloth. This is super important to keep you warm and dry in your tent! If your ground cloth is larger than your tent, fold in the edges so you don’t funnel rainwater into your tent.
  • Seal your tent seams with seam sealer. You can buy seam sealer at an outdoor store like EMS or REI, or online. Some general stores such as Target or Wal-Mart might also have it.
  • Do a “dry run” with your tent. Set up your tent at home just to make sure you know how to do so. And then pack all the parts for camp—including a rain fly.
  • Bring an air mattress. It makes a huge difference!
  • Ask a friend or expert. If you have questions about specific gear, ask a friend or an expert at a sporting goods store to advise you.

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