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Arriving at Camp for Gibson Weekend

Gibson Weekend Check-In begins at 1 PM. Please be sure to enter camp from the main entrance on Route 8 & YMCA Road. Do not come down Hamilton Road. You will be able to check-in from your car. Please stop and speak to the greeters who will give you all necessary information and direct you where to park.

If you arrive after 5 PM on Friday, please check-in at the CCC Office at the Dining Hall. You may arrive up until 9 PM.

Please do not arrive before 1 PM on Friday as it is disruptive to campers and staff. We know you are eager to see your camper, and appreciate your help abiding by this rule.

Contact camp if you need help with transportation to or from the weekend.

Setting up your tent

If you arrive at camp before your camper’s afternoon activities, it’s a good time to go ahead and set up your tent. Many families choose the Ina Gibson Lodge Field or Senior Ball Field, but you are welcome to camp in quieter spots as well. Check to make sure you are not blocking paths or areas where activities will be taking place.

If you need help setting up your tent, ask another mom. And if you see a mom struggling with her tent, please see if you can help. There are also Leaders-in-Training available to help you if you need it.

Meeting up with your Camper

At check-in, you will receive a copy of your camper’s schedule so you can meet up with her. Please don’t promise your camper ahead of time that you’ll be there at a certain time—it can make campers anxious and disappointed if a visitor is running late. We ask campers to follow the schedule so that visitors can easily connect

Please be sensitive to adults arriving late or campers whose moms can’t be there. It is hard for some families to make the trip so please do your part to create a welcoming and supportive environment.

While You Are at Camp

Camp is still in session during Moms’ Weekend, and the staff are still responsible for everyday activities and the general running of camp. Unit Directors, the Health Care Staff, the Camp Director, and the Assistant Camp Director are available at most times to answer questions. Your camper’s counselor will host conferences during Snacks and we encourage you to sign up for one to hear 1:1 how your camper is doing at camp.

Rules While You Are At Camp

There are a few Big Rules here at camp to keep everyone safe and comfortable:

  • UNPLUG! For the whole weekend. Leave your phone, iPad, TV, and other electronic devices in the car. These distract from the spirit of the weekend. If you do need to make calls, do so from your car. Sound travels easily through tents, and nobody wants to hear your call!
  • Camp is smoke-free, drug-free and alcohol-free.
  • Campers must stay on camp property during the weekend. Staff are still responsible for all of the campers and they need to know that they are following the camp procedures and staying within the boundaries of camp.
  • Always wear closed toed/heeled shoes and socks.
  • Swimming only when it is light out and when there are lifeguards on duty.
  • Please...and thank you!

Here are a few other community courtesies we ask you to embrace for Moms’ Weekend:

  • Clean up after yourself, and help keep camp clean.
  • Keep showers short. We have a shared, limited water supply.
  • Keep your campers on-schedule with their activities. Visitors may opt out, but campers should attend as usual. When campers skip classes, it affects other campers in those classes.
  • No food in tents, please. There are bears nearby and they might think your food smells delicious. Please don’t encourage them to visit!
  • Be quiet at night. Tents are not soundproof and everyone around you can hear you. If you like to be loud, pitch your tent far away from other tents and camper cabins.
  • Leave your pets at home. Even for visiting day. Camp is a people camp, not a park for pets no matter how cute and well-behaved they are.
  • Refrain from visiting Camp Becket until Sunday during Family Visiting Day. Families with campers at both camps may have lunch either at CCC or Camp Becket and spend Sunday afternoon at either or both camps.
  • No campers may stay in lodges. Space is tight in the lodges, so visitors staying in lodges may not have their campers stay with them.
  • No visitors may stay in cabins since other campers and staff will be there.

Emergency Protocols

If there’s an emergency on camp property, the emergency siren will sound. Everyone should go to the Dining Hall immediately. The staff will give everyone additional information from there.


Visitors and campers eat together at assigned tables in the Dining Hall. Meal times are assigned by unit. Please see the Weekend Schedule for your camper’s meal time. Visitors with campers in multiple units can choose which meal time to attend.


Activity periods are your chance to see what your camper’s been up to! We encourage visitors to attend activities with their camper. If visitors choose to opt out, please respect that campers should still attend their normal activities.


Every year, the CCC Executive Committee puts on a raffle that raises money to provide financial assistance to campers and sponsor projects around camp. To make it a success… we need your help! Please bring an item to donate to the raffle. It doesn’t need to be big or expensive. Some of the most popular items in recent years have been a large stuffed animal, a cabin party kit, and other themed items that campers can enjoy as a group. You can join with other families ahead of time and go in on a larger item. Ask your kids what they would want to win. Get creative!

When you arrive at camp, please drop off your raffle donation when you check in. CCC Executive Committee members will collect them and bring them to the raffle area in the dining hall.


A weekly non-denominational chapel service is part of camp life. Units will enter Chapel together from unit assembly.

The Chapel program will include a speech from the CCC Association President and an overview of our fundraising efforts to answer the needs of the Camps. We depend on the support of all our families to keep our programs strong and accessible. All donations show that our community supports the work we do, and no donation is too small. Your donation is a vote of support for CCC which sends a strong message to the greater community when they hear that staff and families support us 100%.

Family Visiting Day

Gibson Weekend officially transitions into Family Visiting Day at noon on Sunday. If you’re hosting other guests for lunch at CCC, please sign up and pre-pay on your Gibson Weekend registration form. Check the weekend schedule for special performances from specialty cabins or activities. If you have family members who participated in Gibson Weekend at Becket, they do not need to pay for lunch if your family chooses to eat at Chimney Corners.

Family Visiting Day ends at 4PM Sunday. Campers should be dropped off in their unit when families depart. Staff will be in the units throughout the afternoon to help campers settle back into regular camp life.

Special Note to New Visitors

It is completely normal to feel nervous about your first experience at CCC. When you arrive you may feel like everyone knows each other and/or understands what is going on but know that you are not alone in being new to this experience and there are many people here who want to help make this the best experience possible. Here are some folks to turn to first with questions:

  • Your camper’s counselor and assistant counselor: During your visit they are your counselors too. They are there to answer questions and help you become familiar with the program. Some of the time they will need to focus on running activities or directing the entire group but they are also available to talk about your camper’s progress or to help you with any questions you have. The counselors will be available each night at snacks as well.
  • The Camp Director and the Assistant Director: Shannon Donovan-Monti, CCC Director, and Berta Sinclair, CCC Assistant Director, can be found at the CCC Dining Hall offices. If they are not in their offices, the office staff can radio and them to come back to the office. Feel free to discuss any questions you may have.
  • CCC Executive Committee: There are always members of the CCC Executive Committee available to answer questions. You can find them in the North Room of the CCC Dining Hall at the Raffle and they can help with questions and share their own experience.

There are times within the schedule when there is an opportunity to connect with other visitors and connect with staff. Use these times to reach out or let people know you are feeling. Here are some examples.

  • Cabin Chat: This is a time when each cabin group spends time together reflecting on their day and getting to know one another better. Visitors are encouraged to participate and it is a great way to connect with others.
  • Snacks: There is a snack time for visitors on Friday and Saturday night. Visitors are encouraged to attend, especially on Saturday Night. Saturday night there will be a quick cabin meeting with the other moms/visitors and the staff from your camper’s cabin to answer questions and to help everyone connect. Also during this time you can schedule time with your camper’s counselor to talk about how the session has been going. Campers are not allowed to attend these snacks.
  • Mealtimes: Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and Saturday dinner, you will sit together as a cabin group for the meals. Each cabin will have two table close together. This is another great time to get to know other families. Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast and lunch will be open seating buffet meals. During these meals people may sit wherever they wish and the cabin group will not necessarily sit together.

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