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Gibson Weekend - Visiting Weekend

Welcome to Gibson Weekend at Chimney Corners Camp!

Named for the founding family of Chimney Corners Camp, Gibson Weekend is a unique feature of the Chimney Corners Camp program where each camper invites a woman from her circle of family and friends to spend the third weekend of camp participating in the camp program. The camper's special guest stays at camp Friday - Sunday. On Sunday, all members of the family are invited to visit for the day.

Most women visiting for the weekend stay in their own tent with the camper(s) they are visiting but the camp can provide housing for visitors who are unable to stay in a tent. For visitors who do not have a tent, the camp has a very limited amount of tents that can be rented for the weekend. Tents and housing is assigned on a first come-first served basis, so enroll early.

For campers who do not have someone who can attend, camp will provide a mentor for the weekend.

Here are a few Q & A's about this unique weekend.

Q: When does the weekend occur?

A: Gibson Weekend takes place the third weekend of each session of camp. Participants in the Starter A programs do not have a visiting weekend. For Starter B participants, the Gibson Weekend occurs on the middle weekend of the session.

Dates for this coming summer are:
First Session/First Session Starter B: July 14-16, 2017
Second Session/Second Session Starter B: August 11-13, 2017

Q: Where will visitors stay on the weekend?

A: Most visitors camp out in tents set up on the fields around camp. However, this is not minimalist camping by any means. Large tents with air mattresses, lawn furniture, coolers, snacks, and other amenities are commonplace. Visitors staying in tents will be able to have their camper stay with them in the tent for the weekend.

Families who do not own a tent and who do not wish to purchase one may rent a tent from camp which will be set-up before you arrive. Camp tents are small and camp only provides the tents. Other items such as air mattresses, etc. would need to be brought to camp.

Families may also want to consider renting a tent from an Outdoor Supply Company like EMS or REI.

Visitors can also make arrangements to stay in camp-provided housing or in a nearby hotel. Because the camp-provided housing is shared with other adults, campers may not stay with visitors in the housing or off-camp. For campers who's visitors are not sleeping in a tent or cannot attend the weekend, there will be a slumber party in the Art Center.

Q: Why is it called Gibson Weekend and who can come to the weekend?

A: The name of the weekend was recently changed from Moms' Weekend to Gibson Weekend in honor of the founding family of the camp and in order to make sure that all of the women who attend the weekend, be it moms, grandmas, aunts, big sisters, teachers, or family friends feel welcomed and included. While the name has changed, the weekend will continue to be an all-female event from Friday - Sunday at Noon. Any adult woman may attend the weekend on behalf of a camper. Families with more than one girl at camp may bring an additional guest for each child at camp to share the experience.

Q: What if no one from our circle of friends and family can attend?

A: It is common for parents to have conflicts for the weekend and for some campers, it is not ideal to have a parent or other family member visit during camp for a variety of reasons. Families can elect to have camp provide a mentor during the weekend who is a trusted member of our camp community and in most cases, is a member of our LIT program. The camp program continues as it does at all other times, with some modifications due to the larger number of participants. Counselors and other staff continue to provide supervision and programming throughout the weekend so a camper can follow the camp schedule like normal.

Campers who do not have a visitor spending the night will participate in a slumber party with other campers and staff on Friday and Saturday night. Campers who have visitors staying in group housing or off camp are also a part of the slumber party crew.

Please note, however, that the majority of campers do have a visitor who attended all or part of the weekend and it can be difficult for campers who do not have a visitor. Please contact camp if you have concerns about the weekend for your family.

Q: Can other members of our family and friends visit?

A: The Sunday of the Gibson Weekend is open to all members of the family. Sunday visitors are invited to join us for lunch or can bring a picnic lunch if that is preferred. The Family Day dates for 2017 are:

First Session/First Session Starter B: Sunday, July 16, 2017
Second Session/Second Session Starter B: Sunday, August 13, 2017

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