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Camp Becket offers advanced leadership programs for teens. Leader-In-Training (LIT) programs are single-gender educational experiences requiring a high level of commitment, as each participant will be challenged mentally, physically and socially. Our LIT programs are highly selective. The nature of these programs requires that all participants must be able to exercise a high degree of decision-making and accept greater responsibility for their own actions. Only the most mature and responsible teens should apply.

The goals and objectives of the LIT programs follow closely with the mission of the Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA to build communities that nurture personal growth in spirit, mind, and body. These programs have been designed to offer opportunities for participants to build essential leadership, group facilitation and behavior management skills.

Participants will also learn to respect individual differences and begin the process of transitioning from camper to staff member. These programs are intended to prepare participants to become potential staff members. Only those who fully intend to pursue a staff position at Camp Becket or Chimney Corners Camp should apply.

Becket-Chimney Corners welcomes and encourages participants of all races, nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds and religious faiths to apply for this program.

Grade Requirement: All LIT’s must be completing the 10th grade.

Tuition: Tuition for all LIT Programs is $6,330

We recommended a $250 camp store account be added for Aides. Reach participants will bring money for their travels that can be stored in the camp safe when they are on camp.

Enrollment Information

Admission to all LIT programs is limited and based on, demonstrated leadership potential, past camp experience, good health, reputation for high moral character, successful cooperation with others, willingness to serve others, positive attitude, quality of application and the ability to meet registration/application deadlines.

Participation in a LIT program requires full attendance unless authorized by the Director. Length of the programs is as follows:




6 weeks plus LIT orientation*


8 weeks plus LIT orientation*

* LIT Orientation – All LIT participants are invited to camp for orientation. The orientation will be held June 21 – 23. Every effort should be made to participate in LIT orientation.

Application Steps

An applicant will not be considered until the following paperwork has submitted by September 30, 2017.

  • Standard Camp Application through Ultracamp account (completed by parents/guardians)
  • Leader-In-Training Program Application (completed by applicant)

Notification will be in the middle of November. Preference will be given to those qualified applicants who submit the completed application by September 30, 2017. A late application will affect decision-making so it is best to get the application in on time. Applicants may be required to speak with the director, or a selection committee, prior to a final decision being made on their acceptance into the program.

Program Goals

Leadership Development: Learning and practicing techniques of positive leadership in group situations.
Values Development: Clarifying personal and societal values through discussions and activities.
Service to Others: Assisting children in camp and also providing meaningful service to communities connected with the Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA.
Sense of Accomplishment: Taking responsibility for planning and implementing projects and programs.
Skills Development: The opportunity to train for certifications in that will help with future employment.


Participants in the LIT programs are campers enrolled in a special training program. Participation will carry with it certain obligations, rules, and privileges. These are outlined in the agreement that is sent to applicants who are accepted. Admission to the Aides and Reach programs is limited, and only offered to past Camp Becket campers.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  1. Demonstration of leadership potential
  2. A reputation of high moral character
  3. A demonstrated concern for camp’s stated objectives and demonstration of cooperation with others
  4. Good physical and mental health
  5. Willingness to serve others
  6. Must be completing the 10th grade with an above average academic record
  7. The intention to pursue future staff positions at Camp Becket or Chimney Corners Camp
  8. Strong work ethic
  9. Prior camp experience
  10. Positive attitude
  11. Ability to meet registration/application deadlines
  12. Willingness to participate in training opportunities

Each program has additional qualifications required. See individual descriptions for more detail.

AIDES Program

The Aides Program consists of a group of 24 young men at Becket. A major part of the Aide’s summer is spent in various work assignments and assisting with camp activities to gain a better understanding of the camp operations. An Aide has opportunities to observe and learn more about camp counseling, leadership, and support services.

A valuable part of the program is learning to live and work together as a group, gaining insight into group dynamics, as the Aides Director guides them. In addition, seminars and discussions with the Aides Director and other staff members are designed to prepare the Aides for leadership in the camp program.

The Aides program brings with it an eight and a half week commitment. Applicants are expected to complete the entire program and should not apply if there is a summer conflict.

Additional Qualifications

  1. Willingness and ability to participate in Lifeguard Training and to continue as a lifeguard as a staff member.
  2. Ability to live and work in a large group with limited guidance.
  3. Ability and desire to provide service to others.

Reach Program

The Reach Program consists of a group of 12 young men at Becket. Reach is a service-oriented, leadership program that focuses in a Native American community in South Dakota for half the time and at Camp Becket for half the time. Reach requires a high degree of commitment, as each participant will be asked to challenge themselves to take on an increased level of leadership responsibility and complete more service hours than in previous years.

In past years, Reach has planned and facilitated day camp activities for local children, assisted with elder services, and completed physical labor projects throughout multiple Lakota Sioux communities on the reservation. The Reach Program also has organized trips to such places as Badlands National Park, Wounded Knee, Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, and the Crazy Horse Monument.

Participants will learn the history, geography, and culture of the Lakota Sioux community, while strengthening their community service, camping, and travel knowledge. Cultural opportunities include visiting pow wows and rodeos, participating in a sweat lodge, interacting with community elders, making traditional food, and visiting monuments sacred to the Native American populations. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn and practice techniques of positive leadership in group situations, while clarifying personal and societal values through discussions and activities. Good physical health and a positive attitude are essential. Independence, responsibility, achievement, fun - these qualities, and more, are the essence of the Reach Program.

Upon returning to Camp Becket participants will have opportunities to observe and learn more about camp counseling, support services, program development and leadership. A unique aspect of Reach is working with children from many different age groups and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Additional Qualifications

  1. Ability and willingness to work and live in a variety of settings with minimal amenities and resources
  2. Interest in different cultures and sensitivity to cultural and socioeconomic differences
  3. Due to the nature of this program, participants will be sometimes further than one hour from medical facilities. Teens with medical or dietary restrictions should consult their family physician and/or a travel physician to discuss the health risks for the program
  4. Willingness and ability to participate in Lifeguard Training and to continue as a lifeguard as a staff member
  5. Ability and desire to provide service to others both at camp and in the broader community.

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