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Arrival Dates and Times

The dates on your contract include a mandatory training period. These dates will vary depending upon your specific position and training requirements.

If you cannot arrive in camp for the start of your contracted employment, you must inform the camp director in advance. Unless agreed-upon in advance, failure to arrive at camp on time for staff training may be grounds for dismissal.

Certification Week - June 3 (Waterfront & Tripping Staff)
Ad Staff Weekend - June 8 (4-6 pm)
Work Week - June 10 (Program, Food Service, & Work Crew ~ 4-6 pm)
Staff Week - June 16 (All Summer Staff ~ 4-6 pm)
2nd Session Only Staff Week - July 16 (4-6pm)
Staff Departure - August 19 (All Counselor and Program Staff)*
*Plan to depart around 12:00


Check the paperwork spreadsheet to see if you have completed your paperwork


Paperwork and Forms
(A Three Step Process)

Once you have applied you will complete your paperwork prior to arriving in three steps.

Step One:
You will receive an email with a unique link to My Staffing Pro through email and you will sign your contract and agree to the terms.

Step Two:
Automatically after step one is complete you will receive another email from MSP. When you log back in you will complete these forms: Direct Deposit, I9, MA Tax, Harassment/Sexual Policy, ACA Voluntary Disclosure, W4. (at the bottom of this page is helpful information on how to complete these)

Step Three:
The remainder of your paperwork will be in Ultra Camp. Many of the forms will be completed directly online and a few you will need to upload to us.

To access and complete these forms you will pick one of the below options:

Assistant Counselors - Your parents will need to log-in to their Ultra Camp account and select the CB Staff (2018) Session and together you will complete the paperwork. The Under 18 Permission Form requires a parent/guardian signature. You will also need to go to the Document Center in Ultra Camp and download the CB Staff MA Work Permit. This must be completed and uploaded by May 15th.

All other staff - If you have registered and come to a Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA program before (Alumni Weekend, Work Weekend, etc.) and you already have an Ultra Camp account you will log-in and select the CB Staff (2018) Session.

For those of you who don’t already have an account you will create one first and then look down in the session offerings for CB Staff (2017) and check out.

Regardless of how you access the staff session you will enter the below password.

Choose the option for which type of staff you are (AC, Counselor, All Other).

Fill in some initial forms.

Upon checkout you will receive a confirmation email with what paperwork is required and how to complete it.

Click the below link to get started with Ultra Camp and then scroll down to the bottom of this page for step by step instructions.

Click Here for Ultra Camp

Password: cbstaff2018


What You MUST Bring With you to camp:

  • You must bring original forms of ID in person on your first day of employment. Typical accepted ID combinations include:
    - U.S. Passport
    - Foreign Passport and Unexpired, Endorsed I-94
    - Driver's License and Social Security Card
    - Driver's License and Birth Certificate


Completing forms in My Staffing Pro

International Staff (new and returning):

*Important information to complete specific forms from the MSP System

First time staff without a Social Security Number:
Any time you are required to enter a Social Security Number please enter 999-99-9999

When you get to the W-4 Page follow these instructions:

You must complete a Form W-4 to enable us to calculate the amount of income tax to withhold (if applicable). In completing the form, you should use the following instructions instead of the instructions on Form W-4.

- Marital Status: Check "Single" (regardless of actual marital status).

- Total number of allowances: Put a "1" (unless you are a resident of Canada, Mexico, South Korea, a U.S. national, or a student or business apprentice from India).

- Additional Amount: Put a "0"

- Exemption for Withholding: leave this blank

When you get to the Massachusetts State Tax page follow these instructions:

Choose “Use the values from the Federal W4 for state withholding”

You will be provided the option of receiving your wages via direct deposit:

- A US bank account OR

- On a payroll debit card provided by BCCYMCA (more details on the benefits of this will follow as you complete your paperwork)

*If you are a first time staff member without a social security number, you MUST select the pay card option.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification:

Fill in the top information.

In the address information you must put in the camp address:

Address: 748 Hamilton Road
City: Becket
State: MA
Zip Code: 01223

Social Security Number: 999-99-9999

In the next section most international staff fall into the category of "An alien authorized to work". You should use the following instructions to complete the I-9.

- Check (tick) the 4th box that says, “An alien authorized to work until ____________.”

- The expiration date refers to the end date on your DS2019 which should be the same as the “end date” on your Personnel Agreement. For most staff this is 08/20/2017

- Then complete #3 “Passport Number and Country of Issue”.


Completing documents in Ultra Camp

After Registering For Ultra Camp

1. Go to "My Account" and scroll to the bottom of the page.

2. Under "Incomplete Tasks/Forms"
Forms you will fill in online:

- Food Allergies Form
- Health Form
- CORI Form

Reference Forms
If you worked for us in 2016 or you are coming through an agency, you do not need to do these. Assistant Counselors who submitted through Google Docs also do not need these as long as you have three submitted.

- Reference 1
- Reference 2
- Reference 3

Forms you will upload to us:

- Dr Report (this can be the Camp Becket form or your agency form, just make sure your doctor signs it)
- Health Insurance Card
- Immunizations

3. Go to "Add Options" at the top of the screen and click on "Document Center"

4. On the right side "Downloadable Forms" look at the top section of All Health Information.

- If you do not have a Doctors Report you can download a printable form to give to your Doctor.


- Upload your signed Doctors Report by clicking on the green upload arrow.

- Your upload should be 1 document with all pages saved as a PDF.

- Follow the same steps as above for uploading your health insurance card or page.

Uploading Forms

(Doctors Report, Immunizations, Health Insurance Card, Work Permit)

To upload your file, first scan your copy of the front and back and save it as a pdf file. (While not ideal you can use your phone and take a picture, be warned that we might request another copy if the quality or resolution make it unreadable)

Go to the Document Center under the Additional Options menu. Under the Downloadable Forms section, select the “Upload” icon to the right of the document you are uploading

On the resulting page, you will be asked to confirm the details for this document and select the document.

Use the Select field to find the file on your computer. Once you’ve selected your file, click the Upload Document button.

You will receive a message that your action was completed successfully once the file uploads.

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