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Berkshire Outdoor Center provides powerful experiences to all children who attend our programs. Our programs provide students with an opportunity to interact with each other and the environment in a new and more intentional way. We are able to provide a space where children of all ages are able to truly understand what it means to work effectively with others. Facilitators help students take the time to examine individual strengths and build skills for better communication and planning within a team. Our staff can visit your school and facilitate "teambuilding intensives".

Pre-Visit Teambuilding at School

Sometimes there's a lot of learning to do, and a lot of fantastic activities to do on our Berkshire campus. These 4 hour intensives can be in advance of your visit to the Berkshires, so that each group is fully 'formed' and can concentrate on the big activities once they are here. Teambuilding focal points can include: communication, trust, collaboration, getting to know you, anti-bullying, peer support, or a combination.

Post-Visit Teambuilding at School

One of our foremost goals is transference: to teach these better habits of interaction in a way that can be used in any situation and help develop strong future leaders. One cost-effective way to triple the impact of the experience is to have the Berkshire Outdoor Center come to your location shortly after your experience on our property. This follow-up program, focused on group facilitation and transference, gives your students a chance to process the experience they had at camp and make connections in the real world. Under the guidance of the same instructors from their visit to Berkshire Outdoor Center, students can actively incorporate those lessons into their lives at home. The follow-through of an additional on site program adds significant weight to the on-site Berkshire Outdoor Center experience. Post-visit team building can help maintain students' focus on their new perspective and new relationships.


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