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The Berkshires

Say "I do" in the dappled shade of maples and pines in our beautiful, rustic outdoor chapel, overlooking our private lake. Dance, eat and drink in our modern, full service dining facility with seating for up to 400 guests and walk across the star-lit property to our guest lodges as the big day draws to a close.

Nestled in the heart of the Berkshire Hills, just two hours west of Boston, lies our gorgeous weekend wedding retreat. 1,500 acres of forested conservation lands surround our beautiful, traditional, century-old camps. Enjoy an entire weekend with family and friends, reconnecting, resting, playing and making memories in this spectacular natural setting.


Work closely with a program coordinator to fully customize your rustic Berkshire wedding and weekend retreat - choose from a menu of exciting, fun outdoor programs for families and friends, accommodation options and delicious meals (you can work with our chefs to create your own menus) to make the experience exactly what you've always dreamed it would be.

Berkshire Outdoor Center has partnered with various wedding planners to host weddings and events throughout the year in an exclusive atmosphere, with on-site catering and exceptional attention to detail.

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Interview with a Couple

Here's an interview we did with Sarah Schwartz Sax, who had a rustic Berkshire wedding at Berkshire Outdoor Center


Q: Why did you choose the Berkshire Outdoor Center as the site for your wedding?

We choose Berkshire Outdoor Center as the site for our wedding for a few reasons. First of all, we have a few friends who had been campers there as girls, and they always spoke very highly about the camp. Second, we knew that we wanted to get married out in western mass. I great up in Amherst, and we wanted to be able to be married in a region of Massachusetts that we both love. Next, we wanted to have a weekend-long celebration, and we knew that we wanted to host as many people as possible. This meant that we would have to find a summer camp to accommodate this, and Chimney Corners worked out great. We can't think of a better place to have been married, and now some of the best and most important memories of our lives are from Berkshire Outdoor Center!


Q: What was the highlight of your wedding here?

There were so many highlights that it's hard to pin one down. The graciousness, helpfulness and willingness of all camp staff was really amazing. Meg and I decided that we wanted to sleep in the library while we were there, and the staff figured out how to get a full mattress into the library for us! I loved waking up amongst a full collection of Nany Drew books!

We also really loved how everyone who came to our wedding had their own experience because so many of the camp elements were open. Folks took walks, swam, enjoyed the sauna, did the zip-line, played on the low-ropes course, and everyone got to just hang out in the way that they wanted to. There was an amazing kick-ball game of younger kids and parents. Personally, I love the zip line (I did it twice), and Meg loved being able to canoe with her friends.

And, it's worth it mention that we got incredibly lucky with the weather. It was a perfect, warm, clear day.


Q: What would you say to other couples considering having their weddings at camp?

Go for it! If you've interested in having your wedding be a little more do-it-yourself, then it's really really rewarding. Also, we had a wedding coordinator, and she was really great about being in charge of everything so that we didn't have it. We were lucky that the BCC camp staff got along so well with our coordinator. Caitie was our main contact, and she was amazing.


Q: What would you say about working with food service, our facilities or our staff?

We worked with Mik in food services a lot in order to figure out a menu that we all liked. He took our ideas and ran with them. When we suggested chicken marabella, Mik worked on a recipe and made it happen, even though that's not a typical dish for 200+ people! Mik also made a very conscious effort to source local, organic food for us, since he knows that is something important to us.

As far as facilities, we were really pleased with them. We let our guests know that much of the lodging was rustic, and everyone seemed to be totally agreeable. I know that the people who stayed in the senior unit were particular pleased with the cabins.

Staff were amazing and supporting and generous. Thank you!


Q: I'm sure there were some rustic wedding skeptics in attendance at your wedding; what was their conclusion by the end of the event/weekend?

I think that most of the skeptics were converted! We prepared our guests really well by telling them about all aspects of the camp. those who wanted to be in less of a camp setting stayed elsewhere, but those folks also told us how much fun they had while at the camp for the daytime activities and the ceremony. how could anyone not love a wedding at Berkshire Outdoor Center?!


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