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Berkshire Outdoor Center is proud to partner with Inme - one of the top rated summer camps in the world. We have together embarked on a partnership to provide additional international opportunities for staff - both Berkshire Outdoor Center staff and Inme staff - who wish to expand their horizons by experiencing OE through another cultural lens and organization.

Berkshire Outdoor Center offers International Program Instructor (IPI) positions based at Inme in India. These positions are highly competitive, and are open to current and former BOC staff who have excelled in OE facilitation. This opportunity is not limited to American passport holders, but open to all BOC's international staff as well.

Read about the Inme Activities.


We are looking NOW for staff to begin working in India on March 10th. This means that Inme is conducting interviews in January.

India Timeline

10 March - 10 June. Staff training begins in India on March 10, and then staff will be assigned to an Inme campus, based on their skill set. Staff will complete their work with Inme in time to return to work for summer programs at BCCYMCA.

Training for summer BCCYMCA programs begins June 11, and there will be opportunities during the summer to travel home to see family, for those inclined (depending on department).

Post summer, IPIs may work Berkshire Outdoor Center's fall season until mid-October. At that point, there may be opportunities for staff to return to India to work with Inme's school groups program until mid-November.

Application Process

First, Berkshire Outdoor Center current and former staff must complete this brief Expression of Interest in International Program Instructor Positions form. We won't think of you as seriously interested until you have completed it.

Based on your responses and a reference check with Berkshire Outdoor Center, Inme will determine who is qualified to formally apply for a position. Inme will subject applicants to their regular interview process and determine suitability for the positions.

Staff are not required or committed to working BOC if they have worked for Inme. In other words, because this position is open to current and former BOC staff, we feel that you have already made your commitment to us, and this is a healthy next step. However, staff who have worked IPI in India through Inme will be more highly qualified for future positions with BOC, due to their broadened experience.

Support Services

For those new to international travel, BOC can help navigate the process of buying an airline ticket, obtaining a visa and selecting travel insurance. Once you arrive in India, Inme will support you with airport pickup/transfer and other travel opportunities to see the sights, such as the Taj Mahal or the Himalayas.


The salary for this position is 38,000-44,000 INR (USD $600-$700) per month. This would be paid via pre-paid debit card (visa) - similar to BCCYMCA's rapid pay card. Additionally, Inme will provide all meals and accommodation, and will provide opportunities for travel and subsidized opportunities, such as visits to the Taj Mahal or the Himalayas. The experience gained and the cost of living during your time in India are easily afforded on this relatively strong salary.


During the camp season, staff will work every day with campers. The day begins when the campers wake up, and staff will work with them to get them to breakfast on time. Similar to the day at BCCYMCA, there is a morning activity, lunch, afternoon activity, dinner, evening activity, bed time.

Once campers go to bed, the staff are off until the following morning. Staff do not live with the campers.

Staff will work 2 or 3 back-to-back 7 day sessions and then will have approximately a week off. During this week off, staff may travel and see local sights, or they will have the opportunity to transit to another of Inme's camps in a different area of the country.

Staff Pairings

Staff will likely be paired with other BOC participants for the program. This means you will have a 'buddy' that you know and love. Similarly, should you return to BOC in the summer and fall, you will be bringing Indians with you that you have met in the programs. This posse formation will generate camaraderie similar to that network that has built up with New Zealanders and Americans in the existing IPI program.


The Nitin Preparatory Academy will provide support in preparation for Indians travelling to the USA as well as Americans/Internationals traveling to India. This support will include strategies for dealing with culture shock, logistics of work and travel, what to expect at Inme/BOC, getting to know you sessions. The Nitin Preparatory Academy may be in-person or via video conferencing.

Program Cost/Airfare

This IPI program does not cost anything to participate in, and there are no requirements that you return to BOC when you are done. Consequently, you will need to pay your own airfare and travel insurance costs (although we can help you navigate that). Current BOC staff can enter a payment plan to cover airfare and insurance costs if they choose.


Inme carries insurance for all staff, volunteers and participants, up to 500,000 INR. This insurance covers the typical high-risk activities that many insurance coverages charge extra for, such as ziplining, mountaineering and whitewater rafting. If staff want to be insured for the times they are not at Inme, or to be insured additionally beyond what Inme covers, they will be required to purchase their own insurance.

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