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Program Cost

  • All students must pay an annual, non-refundable deposit of $1,000, prior to August 1.
  • Two year students must pay an additional monthly fee of $375 per month, for 10 months per year
  • Three year students must pay an additional monthly fee of $275 per month, for 10 months per year

Approximate financial value of this program

  • Tuition: $33,938 (34 credits)
  • Lodging: $18,840 (3 years)
  • Meals: $19,050 (3 years)
  • Total: $71,828


Students & Applicants must complete an online profile and may choose to make monthly payments or one-time payments.

Payment/Enrollment Deadlines

  • The annual, non-refundable deposit is due by August 1
  • The monthly payments are due by the last day of each month

Financial Assistance

Participants in the program may apply for financial assistance by sending a letter of request and a copy of tax returns for the previous fiscal year, prior to application. Financial assistance may not be available to all applicants.

Students may also contact the financial assistance office at Springfield College to discuss loans and other potential funding sources.

Program Withdrawal Penalties

Applicants can withdraw at any point prior to August 1. After August 1, applicants who withdraw will lose the non-refundable fee of $1,000, but will receive refunds for all other payments made. After September 1, applicants will be required to pay a cancellation fee of $2,000 and be liable for any tuition payments due to Springfield College.

Meal and Lodging Arrangements

The Berkshire Outdoor Center Fellowship covers meals and lodging. Three meals are provided each day and accommodation is in shared dorm lodging. The lodging provided houses BOC students as well as other BOC employees. Students have wifi internet access.

Earning Additional Income

Additional hours worked beyond practicum requirements earn $11.00 per hour. Hours worked unrelated to program delivery (practicum requirements), such as dishes and housekeeping, earn $11.00 per hour. Students are advised to rely on this income simply as 'pocket money', rather than a livable salary.

Third Party Sponsorship

Students are encouraged to find third-party sponsors for this program. For example, many companies may choose to cover the cost of this program, in return for guaranteed employment at the end of the degree. Sponsorship is $5,000 per year for the duration of the program, the entirety of which is passed along to the student in the form of a living stipend.

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