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Berkshire Outdoor Center has two main campuses, each with rustic cabins arranged into villages/units. Every village/unit has a centralized wash house with regular showers with hot running water and regular flush toilets. Each shower and toilet has an individual stall, and the wash-houses even have private, outdoor showers! Why are rustic cabins better?

Camp Becket

Iroquois Village - brand new cabins, 8 cabins - 88 beds. Iroquois Village is on the shores of Rudd Pond. The village is close to the dining hall and is the most comfortable village at Camp Becket.

Pioneer Village - 9 cabins - 90 beds. Pioneer is located on a hill top. It is the most 'real camp' village at Camp Becket.

Frontier Village - 9 cabins, 90 beds. Frontier is the showcase village with grand views of the main waterfront on Rudd Pond.

Ranger Village - 10 cabins, 100 beds. Ranger Village is tucked away in the woods. It is the village with the most 'forested' feel.

Additionally, Camp Becket has one Lodge: Gibson Hall.

View our Cabin Floor Plans and Village Maps

Chimney Corners Camp

Junior Unit - 10 cabins - 100 beds. Junior Unit is nearest the Chimney Corners Dining Hall.

Intermediate Unit - 10 cabins - 100 beds. Scattered in woodland, Intermediate Unit has the strongest forested setting.

Senior Unit - 8 cabins - 88 beds. Senior Unit is located nearest the main waterfront on Smith Pond and the Environmental Learning Center. Senior Unit is the most comfortable unit at the Chimney Corners campus.

Additionally, Chimney Corners Camp has four Lodges.

View our Cabin Floor Plans and Unit Maps

**Each cabin in the village is rustic - no electricity. This allows participants to truly feel they are in the wilderness and spend time bonding together. Most of our guests choose cabins for their accommodation, as they are then experiencing 'real camp!' The cabins are very comfortable, and each include a side room (usually for chaperones) and a vestibule area. The new cabins in Iroquois Village and Senior Unit have three separate rooms. Read more


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