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The Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA Alumni Council has announced the 2017 date for Deeds of Love and Service. This amazing 5th annual initiative and effort to continue changing lives for good and helping others will take place on Saturday, April 29, 2017. Just like past years, on this day members of the BCCYMCA family all over the world will take part in a great day of service in our own towns, neighborhoods and communities.

This great day of service is made possible thanks to the Alumni Council, the Events & Networking Committee and its DEEDS Co-Chairs Aisha Bennett and Nicole Fyvie in close coordination with the Office of Development. The vision for the day and basic details are:

* Project Teams in regions and cities around the world will be led by team leaders – “counselors” – to spend a day helping those in need in their own communities.

* Counselors and Project Teams will connect with local charities, non-profits, schools, churches, municipal organizations and others to create meaningful projects that fill a need.

* Teams will range in size from 2 or 3 to 15 or 20 depending on the size and scope of the project planned.

* Large cities such as New York and Boston may have multiple teams on different projects in different locations, while others may only have a single team.

* In areas with little alumni and parent population, individuals can join the effort by doing whatever they can on their own – volunteering at a local Y, soup kitchen, youth organization or any other volunteer service that meets a need in your community.

To find out what projects, teams and "counselors" are already in place in many cities, or still being developed in your area, CLICK HERE. To inquire about becoming a “counselor” in your own community for 2016, or with questions, contact Nicole Fyvie at nicolefyvie@gmail.com, Aisha Bennett at aisha.bennett2@gmail.com or John Anz in the Office of Development at janz@bccymca.org.

Watch for more news via email, Facebook and other sources in the coming weeks leading up to the big day this Spring. Join us on April 29th for a day of Deeds of Love and Service and change your community for good!

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